Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Patio Chairs Redo

This has been a creative week.  What fun!  I've been working on a few sewing projects (more about those later) and redoing our patio dining chairs.  Since, I didn't like their green paint and flowery cushions, they've been stored away in the garage.   And because I've been in a clearing out the junk state of mind these past few weeks; my intention was to repaint and recover them, and  then to sell them.  So, yesterday I spray painted all five of the chairs black.  Oh, my aching index fingers!  Today I recovered the seat cushions with a red and cream buffalo check fabric.  They look so cute; I just love them!  But, now I don't think I can part with them!  (My dear hubby shakes his head at this!) So, it looks like my next project will be to rearrange my patio!  Oh dear hubby...I've got a few things I need your help with...moving furniture...and could you build me a table?!  

                          Before - Chairs with green paint & flowery fabric - yawn.

After - Chairs repainted, recovered, revived, & so cute!

I'm trying to link to Between Naps On The Porch for the Metamorphisis Monday.   Hope I'm doing it right; this is my first time linking!


  1. Very nice chairs...I had no idea you had a blog.

  2. wow lisa, you are inspiring me to decorate!

  3. Yeah I had no idea you were blogging.

  4. What beautiful chairs...and I love your choice of fabric! Enjoy :)


  5. I like them, much more Oh-La-La!