Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Patio Table

Well, dear hubby has gone  and suprised me!  What a gem he is!  As a woman who's been married for over 30 years, sometimes I've wondered if he really listens when I tell him all of my wonderful plans for our cabin.  Many, if not most, of these ideas involve him building something!

My second blog post was about redo-ing my patio dining chairs. I had intended to sell them; but loved them so much after the redo that I decided to keep them.  And I did.  But, the chairs were a bit useless without a table.  Now, you know where this is going!  I subtly hinted to dear hubby (ok- several times!) that I'd love to have a patio table that would seat 6-8 people.

About a month ago he asked me what I would like for my birthday.  I told him I knew of the perfect gift, and it wouldn't cost a dime since we have lots of wood scraps around here.  Well, that caught his ear - being a frugal kind of guy who loves to build stuff!  I showed him a few different pictures of tables that I liked, and he took it from there. 

Sanding the table

Staining the table

                                           He did a fabulous job.  I just love our new table!

Now comes the fun part - redecorating our patio and tablescaping that beautiful table!   Of course I'll share photos of the project as it all comes together. 

Oh, dear hubby, what do you think about having a cookout this weekend?!!

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  1. It looks wonderful! What a great hubby you have! He's a keeper! :)